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Many people who have inquired about Ayurveda have avoided thinking of it as some of the simplest forms of creativity, supported by underdeveloped science or the traditional tree culture of modern orthodox. 99% of the world does not look at the world in a new way, except to look at the world in a few dimensions, based on what they know and create their own ideas. The most precious word is that of a scientist.

In terms of Ayurveda, it can be described as follows.Ayurveda is derived from the combination of the two Sanskrit words “Ayu” and “Veda”.That is, life is a long life.Veda is knowledge.Ayurveda is literally a scientific method that teaches, teaches and teaches about the art of teaching a good life by preventing and curing diseases.

It is as old as the beginnings of human history and is a masterpiece that has never been compared to the world. We will take you step by step to the wonderfulness of it, the depth of it.I bring to your attention a few of the few remaining books and writings on Ayurveda from the past.I will include excerpts of the Sublime, Character, the Heart of the Horse, and I hope to show you the origin of these documents.It will be a very interesting topic for you.

Paragraph 13 of the Sutra Sutra 01“Ayurveda Vidya Sene Thana Ayurvibhuthanthurveda” According to Ayurveda, the body is the lifeblood of all animal organisms.This science is called Ayurveda because it advises on the knowledge of longevity and longevity.Further, the life of the 41st verse is divided into four parts.Ayurveda refers to the doctrine of good life and good life.

I hope you now have a very brief understanding of what Ayurveda is all about.Here’s how Ayurveda brought you to the universe, how the books are used, what are the parts of Ayurveda, what are the advantages of learning about this great science, how you get sick, what you never knew about your body, how to prevent these diseases. I hope to compile a very interesting article on how to take.Good life to you!

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