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How was ayurveda born - ayurvedic-medicine-4u
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How was Ayurveda born?You and all of us, stories, mysteries, the willingness to inquire about the events of the past, and the desire to do so are common to human society.Because we loved it from an early age.How much did you enjoy hearing stories from your grandparents, grandparents, mum and dad, for example, parents and adults? Though we may not know it, it has developed many of our virtues...

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More about Ayurveda - ayurvedic-medicine-4u
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Many people who have inquired about Ayurveda have avoided thinking of it as some of the simplest forms of creativity, supported by underdeveloped science or the traditional tree culture of modern orthodox. 99% of the world does not look at the world in a new way, except to look at the world in a few dimensions, based on what they know and create their own ideas. The most precious word is that of a scientist.

In terms of Ayurveda, it can be described as follows...

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