An old-fashioned treatment that removes aluham

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Aluham is a skin disease that has plagued many people.In other words, it can be called a mold or fungal infection on the skin.Frequently, skin contamination and frequent sweating can greatly increase the risk of new molds.

fungal infection

fungal infection

The ancient Vedic textbook describes a very valuable treatment that removes all odors. Take green leaf and ash powder, add a little turmeric to it. Prepare 25 grams of white flour. Grind the stone.

If scratches are spread over many parts of the body, increase the quantity of the aforementioned materials (for example, 50 gallons of white tooth and two toothbrushes). Leave it on for about an hour and a half.

Continue with this refrigerator for about three weeks. You will notice the gradual discoloration of the skin. Remember, this is a very effective treatment.

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